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A Powerful Tribe of Women

Our Mission

Pachamama, is the name of a Mother Earth type goddess in Inca mythology who has the power to create life on earth. All women are God’s creative vessels, responsible for bringing life to earth and thus we are all Pachamama’s. This organization is the manifestation of the lifelong commitment by its spiritual founder, Marisol Teran Penner, to discover, harness and share the power of Pachamama. With her leadership, our group will discover strength, explore challenges, learn, grow, love, share, and embrace each other in a communal way. We will be a powerful tribe of Pachamama’s.

Our Mantras

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You are powerful
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Love and treasure yourself
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You are love
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Honesty is kindness
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Physical strength facilitates all
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We are stronger as a tribe

Meet our Team

Marisol Penner

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Marisol has been a world class athlete her whole life from her youth when she was a junior national champion in Kyokushin karate. As a top-level cyclist and Ironman triathlete and also a champion powerlifter and bodybuilder, her mastery traversed both endurance and power sports – which rarely if ever occurs. In 2018 and again in 2019, at ages 53 and 54, after not having competed for more than 20 years, she entered and won the open category in the Miss Los Angeles bodybuilding competition.


Marisol has devoted her life to learning and teaching health and wellness, focusing on the intersection of physical strength and health, nutrition, and spiritual mindfulness. She has studied direction under such masters as Pavel Tsatsoulline, the pioneer of the global kettlebell movement, Charles Poliquin, one of the leading minds in power training, Paul Chek, a master in understanding the human body and mind, Deepak Chopra, one of the giants in spiritual teaching, and Anthony Robbins, the leader in inspirational motivation and personal responsibility. In addition to learning under these people and gaining their personal friendship, she also served as personal trainer to Deepak and Anthony, and to Barbra Streisand and many top professional athletes and civilians, all of whom were committed to bringing their strength, health, and mind-body connection to higher levels.

Marisol is married and together with her husband has raised five children. Besides her commitment to living a fit life, she also has passion for travel, food, spirituality, friends and family.



I met Marisol when I had severe back pain and she was the only solution. She taught me about core strength which no one else knew about and since my life required tremendous travel and intense pressure, the training she created and executed with me was literally life saving. I have told her this many times! Plus the absolute commitment she had to transform my body helped not only create a full healing of my back but I also learned from her the value of hard work and keeping your word. She is one of a kind and our friendship and workouts continue 2 decades later!

Becky Robbins

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